Five Effective Ways to Reduce and Deal With Stress

When most of us think about stress, we think about approaching deadlines and meetings, a sick child or pet, packing for a trip!  But the truth is, stress is a natural part of life that exists in the everyday, not just with bigger events. Generally, people relate stress to its emotional/mental form, but other things we do cause stress in the body. Things like bad eating habits, poor sleep quality/quantity and injury, for example, can all contribute to stress and a strain on our systems.

In my practice I see many patients with stress related symptoms. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stress shows up in the body as a disrupted flow of Qi which can affect the function of various biological systems. In everyday life stress presents in the form of neck tension, headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, skin problems, and the list goes on. In other words, stress wreaks havoc on the body.

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A few weeks ago, I happened to catch this kiteboarder launch at Northwinds Beach, Blue Mountains.  The bay has been slow to warm this year and the water was still pretty frigid and of course there was some wind!  It was a bit cool but I stayed to watch.

And I’m really glad I did because it surprised me how taken I was by it.  Not able to take my eye off the kite watching it carve, arc, change shape with the wind and course of direction.  It was inspiring to track this sculpture floating amongst the backdrop of clouds and a lone man tethered to his ride.

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