Shiatsu is one of many modalities that help us to transform our lives through cultivating an awareness of well-being.  It is a therapeutic bodywork that developed in Japan, originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

In Shiatsu, specific points call tsubos, located along the body’s meridians, are manipulated very much as for acupuncture, in order to produce balance in the energy flow.  This energy flow is called Qi.


Shiatsu is a total body massage applying gentle to firm, deep pressure with palms, thumbs and elbow with emphasis on present or underlying concerns.  It is comfortable, nurturing and effective in relieving a variety of health concerns including back pain, neck and shoulder tension, stress, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, digestive disorders, musculoskeletal, circulatory and respiratory problems, pre and postnatal care; relieving anxiety, stomach reflux, sore back and legs, fatigue, preparation for a smoother pregnancy. 

Treatments are provided on a massage table. Clients are fully clothed in loose comfortable wear to accommodate for light stretching and body manipulation.  A light cotton sheet is used to cover the client at all times to keep the body warm as the body temperature cools in a deep, relaxed state.  No lotions are used, however, aromatherapy with essential oils are offered to soothe and calm the mind.