Sports Therapy

Traditional + Contemporary BioMedical Acupuncture,
Sports + Deep Tissue Shiatsu Massage,
Resistance Stretch Training

These modalities used in combination or separately are helpful in any Pre-hab and Re-habilitation aspect of an athlete's training program.

Pre and Post training-competition recovery (DOMS)

DOMS is ideal for warming up cold, tight muscles and assists with prevention of untimely injuries.  Also helps to reduce lactic acid build up by generating healthy blood flow for quicker regeneration of healthier, stronger muscle tissue, increases break down of scar tissue, reduces soreness by providing pain relief.

Acute and Chronic Injuries

Injuries are healed, maintained and prevented by identifying source factors contributing to slow healing, repeat injuries.  Athletes spend less time side-lined and are better equipped to focus on training and performance goals.

Internal Health

Internal health is improved and restored to homeostasis with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnosis and treatment.  Training and competition results can be compromised by internal disorders that are chronic or come on suddenly.  High performance athletes need an internal system that's functioning just as smoothly as everything else, if not more.

Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

These methods are important to develop a healthier immune system pre and post surgery.  The better an individual is prepared mentally and physically prior to any surgical procedure; the quicker the recovery, making for a more positive perspective towards the challenges of rehabilitation.

Strength and Flexibility Training

A unique method of Resistance Stretching (self and assisted stretches) proven to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and biomechanical movement.  This method of concentric and eccentric based exercises is endorsed by elite trainers and athletes and is incorporated into an athlete's regular training routine.  The benefits of this training exercise helps to reduce and prevent injuries, assist athletes in post workout recovery, and is utilized during rehabilitation to regain strength and mobility by targeting specific muscle groups.